ldcheck 1.0 - Check your part here

List of reported issue types

Name of issue Severity Example message
alias-bad-colour hold alias files must only use colour 16
alias-not-prefixed-with-equals hold description of alias files must start with a "="
alias-with-polygon hold alias files must only contain subfile references
bad-category hold "<category>" is not an official category
bad-category-in-description hold the category "<category>" must be set using !CATEGORY and not by description
bad-colour hold invalid colour <colour index> used <count> time(s)
bad-colour-24-line hold line with colour other than 24
bad-colour-24-nonline hold colour 24 used on non-lines
bad-header hold bad header: <reason>
bad-line-endings hold file contains non-DOS line endings (<count> total)
bad-subfile warning cannot process subfile "<path>": <problem text>
bad-whitespace hold non-standard whitespace in description: <whitespaces>
bfc-invertnext-not-on-subfile hold "BFC INVERTNEXT" not followed by a type-1 line
bfc-nocertify hold all new parts must be BFC certified
collinear hold collinear polygon (smallest interior angle <min angle>, largest <max angle>)
concave hold concave quadrilateral
cyclical-reference hold cyclical subfile dependency: <chain>
illegal-scaling hold scaling of unscalable primitive <primitive> (<scaling>)
keywords-for-nonparts warning keywords are not allowed for <type> files
mirrored-studs warning "<primitive>" should not be mirrored
mirrored-studs-indirect warning "<primitive>" should not be mirrored because it contains studs
moved-file-used hold subfile "<moved file>" has been moved to "<new file>.dat"
moved-to-with-extension hold moved-to files must not contain the ".dat"-extension in the description
no-bfc-line hold BFC declaration is missing
no-license-set hold no license set
non-ca-license hold no new non-CA-submits are accepted
physical-colour-part hold no new physical colour parts are accepted
primitive-ccw hold primitives must have CCW winding
self-intersecting hold bowtie (self-intersecting) quadrilateral
skew-major hold skew (non-coplanar) quadrilateral (plane angle <skew angle>)
skew-minor warning slightly skew (non-coplanar) quadrilateral (plane angle <skew angle>)
syntax-error hold syntax error: <reason>
unknown-metacommand hold unknown or deprecated metacommand: <command text>
unnecessary-invertnext warning flat subfile unnecessarily inverted using BFC INVERTNEXT
unnecessary-scaling warning subfile unnecessarily scaled in the <scaled flat dimensions> (<scaling vector>)
unofficial-part hold new parts must be unofficial
zero-determinant hold matrix row or column all zero